Milestones (M) and Deliverables (D)

WP1: Domestication of Wild Nile Tilapia

  • M1.1: Establishment of the base population (F0 generation) for selective breeding (month 7).
  • D1.1: Strains of tilapia with improved growth performance (month 24).
  • D1.2: Muscle samples for subsequent transcriptomic, epigenomic and functional studies (month 24).
  • D1.3: Scientific publication on differences in muscle phenotypes between F0, F3S and F3C lines (month 27). 

WP2: Global Changes in mRNA and miRNA Gene Networks During Domestication

  • M2.1: Identification of mRNAs, miRNAs and isomiR candidate genes influenced by domestication selection (month 36).
  • D2.1: Muscle mRNA transcriptomes from F0, F3S and F3C lines (month 30).
  • D2.2: Muscle miRNA transcriptome data from F0, F3S and F3C lines (month 30).
  • D2.3: Scientific publication on SNP/phenotype associations (month 36).
  • D2.4 and D2.5: Scientific publications on mRNAs, miRNAs and isomiRs differentially expressed with domestication (month 42). This information will feed into WP4. 

WP3: Epigenomic Effects of Selection During Domestication

  • M3.1: Validated methylation profiles (month 42).
  • D3.1: Optimised RRBS protocol (month 12).
  • D3.2: Scientific publication characterizing the muscle methylome in tilapia (month 18).
  • D3.3: Muscle methylome data at single-base resolution from F0, F3S and F3C lines (month 30).
  • D3.4: Scientific publication on differential methylation patterns with domestication selection (month 42).

WP4: Functional Characterization of Key miRNAs and Epigenome Editing

  • M4.1: Luciferase reporter constructs (month 39).
  • M4.2: Engineered CRISPR/Cas9 vectors (month 39).
  • D4.1: Scientific publication on functional characterization of selected miRNAs (month 54).
  • D4.2: Scientific publication on the biological function of epialleles associated with domestication (month 54).

WP5: Validation of Epimarkers in Tilapia and European Sea Bass

  • M5.1: Reference panel of miRNA and DNA methylation epimarkers of growth (month 48).
  • D5.1: Scientific publication on validated growth epimarkers in tilapia (month 54).
  • D5.2: Scientific publication on cross-species applicability of growth epimarkers (month 60).
  • D5.3: Patent on potential epimarkers for improved growth selection in fish (month 60).